Financial Management for Non-Financial Manager

Course Objectives
    •    To Understand the Financial Transactions
    •    To Understand what documents will require in Account Department
    •    Who are the users of Financial Statements
    •    What are financial statement
    •    To understand the basic concept of Accounting

I.    Introduction
    •    The purposes of the Accounting system
    •    The users of Accounts

II.    Business Transaction and Documentations
    •    Cash and Credit Transactions
    •    The documentation use in the internal organization

III.    Double entry and Trial Balance
•    About the debit and credit
•    Trial Balance

IV.    The Accounting Equation
•    Capital
•    Assets
•    Liabilities

V.    Financial Statement
•    The statement of financial performance
•    The statement of financial position
•    Changes in financial position
•    Disclosures

VI.    The Accounting Concept and error
•    Useful concept of Accounting
•    Types of errors

VII.    Cash Flow Statement
•    About of cash flow statement
•    Usefulness of the cash flow statement

VIII.    The Interpretation of Ratio Analysis
•    Liquidity ratios
•    Financial ratios
•    Turnover ratios
•    Profitability ratios
•    Market value ratios