Time management & file management

Time Management Training Course Objectives:

This is a practical time management course that introduces proven techniques for mastering time. The approach will involve presentations and discussion to introduce the concepts of time management and practical exercises and syndicate work to develop personal skills.
Having completed this time management training course participants will be able to:
    •    Identify their own particular time wasters and adopt strategies for eliminating them from their work pattern.
    •    Recognize the variety of causes of procrastination and apply relevant techniques to overcome these.
    •    Clarify and prioritize their objectives and goals.
    •    Adopt appropriate strategies for dealing with interruptions.
    •    Use practical techniques for organizing work.
    •    Reduce time spent in meetings yet contribute more effectively.
    •    Delegate work more effectively to staff
Time Management Course Content
Do It Now:
    •    How good is your time management?
    •    Getting started.
    •    Overcoming Procrastination.
    •    Clearing the clutter.

Objectives and Goals:
    •    Objectives - where do you want to be?
    •    Personal and business goals.
    •    Prioritising activities - urgency and importance.

Evaluate Current Usage Of Time:
    •    Keeping a time log.
    •    Identifying your personal time wasters.
    •    Dealing with interuptions.

Organising Your Work:
    •    Daily/weekly planning.
    •    Effective time management systems.

Managing Meetings:
    •    Different meetings for different purposes.
    •    Structure and control.

    •    Leadership and time management.
    •    How to delegate effectively.
    •    Developing your staff.
    •    Different styles for different people.

Continuous Improvement:
    •    Developing and maintaining your time management habits.


    • Ways to make better use of your time
    • Take time to plan
    • Setting SMART goals
    • Tips for the procrastinator
    • Tools for planning
    • Action planning
    • The prioritised ‘To Do’ list
    • The Gantt Chart

Controlling interruptions
Strategies for Time Management and Motivation
Set realistic and measurable goals
Strategies for changing some

Core time management habits
Dealing with the things that waste their time

File Management

Prerequisites: General experience with the Solid Works and Windows operating system.
Description: Solid Works File Management teaches you how to manage files within Solid Works. It includes explanations of the Solid Works file structure, file references, file associativity, and how to manage a multi-user environment.

Lesson 1: Solid Works File Structure
    •    Understanding Solid Works Files
     •    Solid Works File Structure
    •    File Shadowing

    •    Configuration Bodies
    •    File Reference Example
    •    Opening Files

Lesson 2: Saving Files
    •    Saving Files
    •    Editing References
    •    Automatic File Backup
    •    File Properties
    •    Property Tab Builder
    •    Additional Data

Lesson 3: File References
    •    External Reference Search Order
    •    Changing References
    •    Locking and Breaking References

Lesson 4: Shared Files
    •    Working in a Collaborative Environment
    •    Production Files
    •    Multiple In-context References To The Same Part
    •    Support Files
    •     Shared File Locations
    •    Photo Works Files