Supervisory Management

 The course is designed to introduce participants to the role and responsibility of a supervisor. Participants will receive solid theory and practical application that reinforce the theme: the essence of supervisory management is working with and through people. Through comprehensive cases and illustrations the participants will examine the interrelationship of key management concepts found in the planning, organizing, directing and control functions of management.


  • Introduction to management strategies & Models
  •  Supervisory Management Roles and Challenges
  • Problem Analysis & Root cause finding
  • Quest for Quality and Empowerment
  • Methods of Coaching
  • Diplomatic Facilitation skills
  • Skill-based Negotiation skills
  • Seven types of Listening & Communication Skills
  • Counseling Techniques
  • Principles of Public Speaking and face to face conversation dialogue
  •  Functional Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Performance Management & Appraisal Methods
  • How to supervise the people
  • Listening & Communication Skills
  • Organizational Behavior & Behavioral Analysis
  • Public Speaking and scientific talk
  • Relationship Management & Ethical influencing skills
  •  Performance Management & Appraisal Methods
  • Monitoring & Evaluation by KPI & KRA
  • Introduction to Principles of Management (planning, organization, leading, controlling)

Learning Outcomes ( Training Outputs )

  • Learn the principles of getting work done effectively through others.
  • Understand the responsibilities associated with the supervisor’s position.
  • Understand and be able to use the decision-making process.
  • Develop your knowledge of the planning, organizing and controlling processes.
  • Develop interpersonal relations skills in dealing with subordinates.
  • Introduce the art and science of leadership.
  • Learn techniques for handling problems, complaints, grievances, and discipline.
  • Learn how to use motivation to encourage your employees to reach their full potential.
  • Explore the dynamics of teams as they relate to supervisory management.

training materials: Arrangement by TALENT HIGHWAY
Travelling: Arrangement by TALENT HIGHWAY
Meal & Hotel charges: Arrangement by client company
Methodology: interactive teaching, two ways, learner-centered approach, case study, role plays, games