Business and Strategy: Key Performance Indicators Workshop


The aim of this workshop to examine all aspects of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in detail.

The workshop follows the following suggested structure:
    •    Introduction, philosophy and background
    •    The importance of processes
    •    Establishing departmental KPIs, process KPIs, Input KPIs
    •    Implementation plans
    •    Collection, presentation, evaluation, meetings, culture and summary.

The overall aim of the workshop is to improve the probability of successful application of KPIs within an organization.

Who should attend?

    o    Head of departments
    o    HRM Managers
    o    CEO, coo, bod member,
    o    Executive positions
    o    SME owners

Course Outline
    1.    Understanding KPIs
    2.    The road map for implementation
    3.    KPI selection principlez   
    4.    KPI selection in practice   
    5.    Rolling out the KPIs   
    6.    Documentation
    7.    Data visualization and best practice presentation
    8.   KPI Calculation & Balanced Scorecards
    9.    Analysis and reporting   
    10.    Decision making and communication