Creative and Critical Thinking

Course Outline

 Critical Thinking: What Is It? Why Does It Matter?
Understanding the importance of critical thinking and how it differs
•    Types of thinking (e.g. memorization) are the first steps to improving business decision making. In this introductory lesson, participants will be introduced to
•    Six critical thinking skills: interpretation, analysis, inference, explanation, evaluation, and self-regulation.
Right Brain! Left Brain! Brain Sprain!: Understanding Your Preferred Approach
•    Brief introduction to the physiology of the brain and its impact on thinking
•    Difference between right-brain and left- brain thinking  
Get out of the Box: Basic Creative Thinking Skills
•    Multiple creative thinking techniques for better problem solving:
     o    Brainstorming, negative brainstorming, mind mapping, and random words.
•    Real-world business problems using a variety of ideation methods.
Beyond Brainstorming: The Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Method
•    A  process of solving business problems using six specific steps:
    o    Objective finding, fact finding, problem finding, idea finding, solution finding, and acceptance finding.
            We’ve Always Done It This Way: Getting Past Nay-Sayers and Other Negative People
•    Overcoming the mentality of "that’s never going to work
•    Creating new ideas and techniques

•    Clear framework of decision making process
•    Mild mapping
•    Win-Win thinking
•    Lateral thinking
•    Six thinking hats
•    Divergent convergent thinking
System Thinking model
Total Quality Management